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Hey guys! Next lesson should be up next week, hopefully. Sorry for the long gaps between posting, but between illness and college I haven't had much free time. If someone else would be willing to pick up the slack a bit and post something of their own, either a writing tip or a sample of writing for critique, I'd be very thankful.

To our new members: You cannot imagine how happy you made me when you joined our community. This is the first time I've ever managed an online community, or even really participated in one, so to see new people want to be part of this is really amazing.

Also, when I created this community I wasn't really expecting people with a lot of experience. That doesn't mean that I don't want experienced writers, God no. But if anyone knows any people, maybe in high school or whatever, who are struggling with English as it has traditionally been taught (informal or formal nonfiction essay) and what to try learning through fiction writing, please refer them to this community.

Thank you!


On Suspension of Disbelief

Time for a personal story!

It was freshman year, during lunch. My friends and I had been sitting on the brick ledge that lined wall on one side of the cafeteria when one of my friends handed me a spiral notebook.
"Hey, would you mind reading this and telling me what you think?"
"Yeah. Sure."

So I began reading. Oh dear.

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of activity as of late. Me (and some other mods) have been going through some rl stuff that's been holding up online posting. I hope that soon I will more time to dedicate to this comm. So, here's a mini-lesson:

Never begin a story with "Hi, my name is _____. I am __ years old and [physical description]." NEVER. It's just bad writing and a lazy way to start a story.

Yay yay yay first lesson!

As a first assignment, I'd like to get to know your individual styles. Nothing really serious or thorough, but hopefully fun. I'd like all of you to do this. All four of you.

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Be patient, friends...

Since I don't have the first lesson prepared yet, here's something to tide you over. http://shitmystudentswrite.tumblr.com/ Look at this site whenever you feel like a bad writer. Or just whenever you need a laugh.

Also, we need more members. Tell people about us! Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell Randy Gonzales. Tell that person on the bus. Stare at them until they register. Follow them home. Tell the arresting officers that come for you. Tell the judge. Tell the jury. Tell your cell-mate. Tell your probation officer. Stuff like that. You know. Spread the word.

(please don't actually follow people though that's creepy)

(also I wrote this at like one in the morning that's why it's so weird)

Le first post! Rules here!

Welcome! The Fiction Writer's Academy is a community focused on improving its member's writing skills, focusing on fiction as opposed to nonfiction essay. Included will be lessons on structure, style, how to create good plots and characters, word choice, and revising. There will be prompts and short writing assignments, and members can post samples of their writing for critique.
Anyone is welcome here! As long as you're willing to learn, we're happy to have you. Just be sure to follow the rules.
In addition, if you have experience in writing fiction and a knowledge of the craft, or have skills in moderating and organizing a community like ours, please contact me or a co-mod.


Community Rules:
- Be courteous.
- Think before you post.
- If you have a complaint about another member, contact a mod before doing anything. If you feel you absolutely must confront the other member, do it through private channels.
- Don't bring drama.
- Don't use discriminatory language. Otherwise, swearing is usually okay.
- Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and bigotry on account of religion or lack thereof are grounds for being immediately banned.
- Be tactful. If you say something that offends someone, consider why instead of getting defensive.
- If you do something stupid, we may ban you from the comm. If you want to appeal your ban, do it through private channels. If you create public drama, we will be much less likely to consider your appeal.

Content Rules:
- When critiquing another member's writing, don't use personal insults. We're all here to learn.
- If you post something NSFW or potentially triggering, hide it behind a cut and have a warning visible.
- Stories that are meant to defame or slander anyone, whether an individual or a group, are not acceptable. Some lessons will elaborate on this later.
- While some sexual content will be acceptable, this is not a comm about writing erotica.
- If someone gives a negative critique of your writing, consider what they said before getting defensive. You can't improve unless you realize your writing has flaws.
- We are not here just to correct spelling and grammar errors; we're going to address any problems in regard to content as well. Your first draft isn't going to be perfect.
- No fan fiction.