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fiction_academy's Journal

The Fiction Writer's Academy
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All Members , Moderated
Improving writing skills- fiction
The Fiction Writer's Academy is a community focused on improving the writing skills of its members, focusing on fiction, as opposed to nonfiction essay. Included will be lessons on structure, style, how to create good plots and characters, word choice, and revising. There will be prompts and short writing assignments, and members can post samples of their writing for critique.
Anyone is welcome here! As long as you're willing to learn, we're happy to have you. Just be sure to follow the rules.


Community Rules:
- Be courteous.
- Think before you post.
- If you have a complaint about another member, contact a mod before doing anything. If you feel you absolutely must confront the other member, do it through private channels.
- Don't bring drama.
- Don't use discriminatory language. Otherwise, swearing is usually okay.
- Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and bigotry on account of religion or lack thereof are grounds for being immediately banned.
- Be tactful. If you say something that offends someone, consider why instead of getting defensive.
- If you do something stupid, we may ban you from the comm. If you want to appeal your ban, do it through private channels. If you create public drama, we will be much less likely to consider your appeal.

Content Rules:
- When critiquing another member's writing, don't use personal insults. We're all here to learn.
- If you post something NSFW or potentially triggering, hide it behind a cut and have a warning visible.
- Stories that are meant to defame or slander anyone, whether an individual or a group, are not acceptable. Some lessons will elaborate on this later.
- While some sexual content will be acceptable, this is not a comm about writing erotica.
- If someone gives a negative critique of your writing, consider what they said before getting defensive. You can't improve unless you realize your writing has flaws.
- We are not here just to correct spelling and grammar errors; we're going to address any problems in regard to content as well. Your first draft isn't going to be perfect.
- No fan fiction.